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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birds, UFO's and cats, oh my...

I know this isn't a great photo since it was taken through the screen but look...this goldfinch has a mohawk. Yeh, I know it's just a few feathers out of whack but it was funny to watch him this morning without a care for his hairdo.

I wasn't super inspired to work on anything yesterday so I pulled out a UFO. These blocks are from Bonnie's Sister's Choice pattern and they have been a great "in between" project since I have a plastic box already stocked with precut green and neutral parts. I have 26 blocks done and I started adding sashing (mixed neutrals) and corner stones (the purple is hard to see on the right side of the photo) last night. I'm not sure how many more blocks I'll make but that box still has a lot of parts. Of course, then I'll just need to decide what to do with all the left over half square triangles.

And last but not least...Pepper was working on his suntan. I can tell he is lonely without his mommy, Tula, but I am enjoying the increased attention he allows me. Someday I will let another cat adopt me but not just yet...

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