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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yup - another windmill table runner.

These things are addictive because it's so easy to slap together a charm pack with a 3" border and then use the spiffy template to cut apart the units and sew them back together. I cut and apart and resewed this one the last 2 mornings before work.

For this holiday charm pack, I pieced all the darks into the center with a light border. I already have the lights pieced with a dark border - just need to cut them apart and sew back together. Golly, that does need a better name.

What I can't decide (and yeh I have 3 or 4 tops done and another in the works) is how to quilt them and I am open to suggestions. This one screams spirals thanks to the ornament design in the border. I've thought of straight lines for the others but the seams don't really line up for something like that.


Anonymous said...

really cute. I have a suggestion on how to quilt them "Get it done" or is it "Get'r dun"

Anonymous said...

I like to see the finished product and the cat fabric would look great, so get'r dun.