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Friday, December 09, 2011

Feline Friday - 12/9/11

For the third year I have hosted a work related Christmas Party at my house. We tend to have it early in the month since December is always chuck full of activities. Since the party was on Monday I thought I should decorate early - you know - Sunday morning.

I started by putting all my Santas out (I'll post pictures another day, it is FELINE friday, right?!) and then started bringing the trees out of the attic. My largest tree happens to have a 4-pronged metal stand and I didn't want it to scratch my laminate floors so I put the tree on a folded flannel pillowcase. I soon discovered that Cali felt she really needed to hold down the tree for me: She was curled around the base, on the pillowcase! I figured as soon as I went for the camera she would bolt but she decided to stick around. I will likely find her under the tree often - she never messes with my ornaments but I do still put the breakables out of kitty reach.

The other cats? They walk away from the trees!

This photo was taken with the lighting effects setting on my camera. You can even see lights reflected in the window were turned into stars. Unfortunately, this setting really only works with the flash and that tends to washout white kitties. Too bad the light in her eyes wasn't turned into a star.

This photo was taken with a little gummy lens that is designed to stick to your mobile phone's camera lens.  I have 3 of these little lenses and really need to play with them more often.


Me and My Stitches said...

Nice kitty! I can't believe yours actually leave the trees alone! Maybe they should come and teach my cats some manners!

Denise :) said...

How sweet -- she really is a darling girl. :) We used to hang a couple specific ornaments low on the tree just for the cats. There was a squirrel, a mouse, and bird ornament that were hung with stretchy thread and so they were fun to play with and bat at. We'd invariably find at least one of these under someone's bed or the couch, come July! Remind me sometime to tell you the story of Guenevere and the Christmas lights. That cat was "Cattitude" personified! :)

Janet O. said...

Well behaved cats at Christmas just means they don't want coal--they want catnip!!