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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


--Rant ON--
Well, I'm not really proud of it but yesterday I hit critical mass and went Humbug! It wasn't pretty and even worse there was family involved. Why is it so much easier to blow up at family than friends and co-workers?

I just hate this time of year when there are so many things to do, see and buy NOW! Pressure and I don't get along well. Having been sick (Bell's seems to have gone but still on meds - keep your fingers crossed) plus the occasional headache, stomachache, etc, didn't help the month pass by in a flash. I had a 4 day weekened that didn't get to be "me time" until 9pm last night. Ugh.

I have a few more pressies to wrap (and mail even!), cards to write (in the new year?!), bills to pay and places to go.  Town tax collection season starts next week. There is no rest for the weary this year as I will also have to renew my EMT certification beginning in January – it’s a 5 month process but thankfully I do not have to take the test this year in order to renew.
--Rant OFF--

I'm sorry to say that I had to completely clear out my Google Reader. I glanced at a few posts but didn't comment on any of them. 400+ posts was just too much to wade thru. Out of curiosity - how many blogs do you follow? I really need to unsub from a few blogs...but whose? It's the proverbial what if I miss something...

Other than a few hexies in the last week I have only begun to work on step 3 of Orca Bay. Friday I have a half day so I hereby declare that Friday afternoon is for sewing ONLY!


Janet O. said...

Tis the season for stress as well as good will!
I have 66 blogs on my reading list. Some I follow more faithfully than others. There are some that seldom post and some that I just haven't connected with.
Take me off your list if you want to, Sarah. I will only cry for a day or two. : )

Denise :) said...

Bless your heart ... you have had a rather tough month, haven't you? I hope something gives soon and it ISN'T you! :) I follow a lot of blogs, but I have my favorites on the right side of my blog. I scroll through all of them on the left, but only look if something interesting catches my eye. I'm pretty faithful to read the blogs listed on the right, but there are only less than 50 that I will purpose to comment on. Of course, I don't work, which makes that a lot easier!! HUGS!!!!! :)

Barbara said...

Breathe in, breathe out. Slowly now.

Michelle said...

Enjoy Friday afternoon !!!
Sounds like you need a few hours of you time.
Hope you start to feel better too.
Have a great Christmas !