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Monday, January 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 1/30/12

I know I was busy all weekend sew why oh why don't I have much to show for it?? I guess cuz most of it wasn't photo worthy. I mean who wants to see a pic of my clean laundry or shoveled driveway ?? :)

I put together a few more "kits" for my hexie diamonds - can't wait to see how the cork fabric looks on hexies. Once those kits are sewn together I think I'll need only 2 or 3 more diamonds for this round. At that point I'll decide if it needs to be bigger and if not, do I square it off or maintain the diamond/star points? It might come down to deciding how to finish the edges that determines if it's squared off or not.

I worked on hexies while watching season 6 of Lost. I'm pretty good at stitching and watching movies but I do think I want to watch the last episode again solely because there was so much going on. I would watch the whole season again but it's due back at the library Thursday... Watching the DVD specials certainly helped explain a few things...

I putzed at putting some of my selvages together. I sewed them into twosies and then into foursies. I now have a whole 4 blocks together :) I think the remaining foursies will need only 1 or 2 selvages to be the right size. I still need to go thru the second box to cut at least one 7" section from each selvage. After I see how many blocks that becomes, I'll decide if I obliterate the collection to all become selvage blocks or if I just need a portion of them.

I also worked on this purple project which I can't show you until it's done. It's pretty fussy but I like the final look. The only hint I'll give is they're for my studio...I guess that was 2 hints...


Denise :) said...

You and your secret projects!!!! Ay-yi-yi!!! At least it's purple; that's a happy! Your selvage blocks look terrific! And watching Lost while sewing would mess me up BIGtime!! Hope you've had a GREAT day! :)

Janet O. said...

I'd like to see a photo of your clean laundry. I'm not seeing much of it around here! : )
I've got a few selvages for you. I'll have more in a few days and then I may send some your way!

Michelle said...

A clean laundry, wow!
With three men in my household mine always has something that need washing.
Could they be curtains?