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Friday, January 13, 2012

Feline Friday - 1/13/12

I don't know if kitties have superstitions or not but today we wish you a Happy Friday the 13th!!

The kids were happy this morning to get a wet food snack...which for Squeaky means she gets to lick the spoon as well. Midgie helps with the licking but really wants a plate full so she lets Squeakers finish up while she goes to the living room to wait for me to deliver little plates of food for everyone.

Can you see her sweet little tongue?


Denise :) said...

Oh! Your sweet little furbabies!! Gwenevere was a pushover for wet food, but Merlin always turned his nose up at it. Just to be contrary, I guess. :)

Janet O. said...

Not only can I see the tongue, I'm certain I felt the rough surface going across my hand. : )

Me and My Stitches said...

Awww...they're so cute. Ours get us up in the morning - that's when they get their stinky food!

SubeeSews said...

My kitties only get "wet" food every once in a while and they also love to lick the spoon. They are not spoiled or what!