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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shopping Spree Contest Winner

Last week I posted about the awesome shopping spree that I had attended at our guild meeting and asked readers to guess how much I spent (without going over) and how much yardage I came home with (not counting the scraps). 10 people left guesses.

Of course, while taking photos for today I think I discovered why my count had been different than the staff at the sale. Either way it doesn't affect the contest as Denise won both categories!! We always joke that we are so much alike that there must have been some mental telepethy going on here... Congrats, my friend!!

Yardage was on sale for just $3 per yard and all the pieces were already marked. Someone(s) had spent a lot of time preparing for this sale. I was able to pick up 5.5 yards for $16.50.

FQs were $1.25 each with quantity discounts, namely 13 FQs for just $10. Some of the FQ had a small piece missing and most were bigger than a FQ. And this is where our figures were off. I thought I had picked up 6 yards and 26 FQ but the sales staff only counted 5.5 yards and must not have counted the FQs because I found a striped half yard folded like a FQ (without a yardage tag). Oops. I got 26 FQs (or 6.5 yards) for $20 and the folded half yard was free.

Two huge bins held scraps. Some were fairly small scraps but the bins included anything less than a FQ. Each quart bag was $1 and I could stuff them with the best! This 14" wide bowl has a 9" high pile of those scraps and they weren't fluffed at all, just how they came out of mythree overstuffed bags. I meant to weigh them to figure out yardage but ran out of time. This was just $3.

That brings us to the checkout stand... I spent $39.50 and came home with 12.5 yards plus the scraps.
Denise guessed $39.00 for 12.5 yards. Creepy!


Denise :) said...

Holy cow! I debated a long time on $39 or $40 ... but since $39 was my original instinct, I decided to stick with it! It nice to know that paid off!! Wow -- we really do have same brain, don't we?!?!? Tea, cats, purple, cooking, aprons, quilting ... gotta love it! (And us!) Thanks so much, Sarah!!! What fun!!! :)

Janet O. said...

Congrats, Denise. This is a little spooky. Were you two separated at birth or something? : )

ANudge said...

Congratulations, Denise!

Michelle said...

Great guess !!

AnnieO said...

Stunning deals, Sarah! That is a very pretty pretty pile for under 40 bucks. Denise made an amazing guess too!