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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Measure Twice, Cut Once

I finally found a black fabric I liked for my Wild Kingdom quilt....amazingly it was with the reproduction fabrics altho I don't think it screams repro.

Not quite remembering how wide to cut the black strips, I pulled up my EQ file but the cutting directions weren't quite making sense. I checked the "block" section where I had drafted the block ... yup, it was at 6" like I wanted. Then I pulled up the "quilt" layout section where I obviously hadn't paid any attention to block size because it was set for 9". In the grand scheme this won't actually affect any cutting but it means the quilt is over 20 inches shorter in each direction.

Remember how I had extra animal print strips? Well now I have the option to let the quilt stay at 60something" and have enough strips to make another quilt or add more blocks to get it back to the 80" quilt I thought I was making...

I certainly haven't been paying close attention while making this quilt. First having "extra" fabric to now finding out the quilt is smaller than planned. I'm just glad I haven't made any major goofs and am now out of a no longer available fabric because I cut it wrong.

I need a vacation day to get my head back on straight...anyone wanna work for me a couple days?


Missy Shay said...

That black fabric is perfect!

Janet O. said...

If I did work for you, you might get fired while you were out. : )
Did you want this quilt for your bed? Can't remember, but if so, get cutting!

Michelle said...

It's going to look great.......I love it !