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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

UFO Sightings

Last night I wanted to either finish a UFO top or get a back and batting together for an already finished top so I can sandwich something at our new Sandwich Club this weekend.

I checked out my current UFOs but nothing was "finishable" with only 2 evenings to work on it this week so I pulled out the box of tops. Ok, I thought it was a box of tops. I found sandwiched table runners that needed to be quilted or finished quilted. I found some tops that still needed borders. I even found a few finished tops, some of which I even remembered making the binding for. I pulled out a couple so I could figure out what to do about backings since I just don't have a lot of yardage in my stash.

I found the binding for one of the quilts and then got stalled on the backing. Not sure why, it just happened. And when one is stalled, what does one do? Of course, you work on something else! Which is why I present to you all 37 pieced pieces I need for the hexie star I showed in yesterdays post...

The yellow is coming across a lot brighter than it was in the stack of fabric. It will only show in 12 small spaces so I'm hoping it won't over power the rest of the quilt.

Now I just need to keep this project from becoming a UFO...

1 comment:

Michelle said...

lol......I think we all have a box filled with stuff like that.
And when backing block happens.....why not start something new.
The purples look good and I yhink the little bits of yellow will be fine.