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Friday, January 03, 2014

Feline Friday - 1/3/14

'Member how Momma was all excited yesterday cuz it was only 8F/-16C??

She takes it back cuz today she's not quite as excited for it to be -2F/-20C (she swears it changed just before she took the picture) plus whatever the wind chill is. Either way it's damn cold and the walk to the post office seemed interminable.

We haven't seen Zorro since yesterday morning so we hope he suckered someone into letting him inside their casa. It should be in the 20s/30s this weekend so maybe he will stop by for some kibbies before it gets frigid again on Monday. If he shows up I promise to share mine - can't vouch for my sissy tho...

No matter what ... You can find me here:

Are all y'all fluffies keeping warm?


Janet O. said...

Ah, the perfect spot--over the heat vent! : )

Missy Shay said...

It was 8 degrees when we woke up this morning. Poor Zorro!

Denise :) said...

It's where you'll often find me ... parked over one of the heat vents. I love it when it blows up my skirt! LOL! Glad Z has now been found and is warm, too!!! :)

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Love the heat vent pic! Our cats seem to be seeking out human warmth and I'm glad to have some lap warmers myself! -21 at the moment.