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Sunday, July 17, 2016

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 7/17/16

Hello and welcome to our monthly Hexie Linky Party!!!! The party is open to anyone that does English Paper Piecing of any shape, size or vintage!!

Today's post is about the hexies I completed during my recent vacation -

My first project was to get the rest of the "house" blocks basted for our hexie club birthday swap. I think I actually have 1 more set to do - maybe this weekend since I am working at both the LQS and the local art Co-Op.

I stitched one rosette for my pieced hexie project that Mickey is hosting. Her Facebook page had pieced hexies in neutral colors this morning so I am hoping that will be the "sparkle" blocks we are waiting to hear about. This rosette is pretty pale but it was the only 2 similar blues (TOT and polkadot) I had to do this layout.

Yipp - I did work on hexies while listening to the July Fourth concert
until it got too dark and then I had to pay attention to the fireworks. LOL.

I also got a lot done on my owl project. Traditionally I have only worked on this project while *in* the ADK but since I chose this project for our hexie club UFO challenge I decided to get serious with it and have made great progress both at home and in the ADK.

This is the only block I did with the 3 kites the same fabric - I hope 
it doesn't stick out too much. Maybe it will have to be in the center of the quilt

In total I need 23 blocks...I think I started the last rose star block on Tuesday. It should be finished before the weekend is!

Yikes! Stripes!
I have more of this stripe for the binding.
Loves me some striped binding!

Next comes the hard part - laying out all the blocks to get the colors balanced. If you remember, I spent a lot of time kitting blocks to keep the use of each fabric balanced but I still think it's going to be a bugger to balance the stars since I used some bright fabrics. On the other hand, I only had to make 2 minor changes when I laid Value Proposition out so lets keep our fingers crossed.

Still needs pressing...

I've got a few of the background/filler pieces made but I'll definitely need more.

Last one!!

I expect stitching all the stars and backgrounds together will be cumbersome and time consuming...it always seems to take longer the bigger the project is.

That's it for me - I hope you have something to share! Remember it can be any shape, size or vintage; as long as it's EPP we would love to see your project!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You do these so fast. I will keep to my slow pace.

Frances Meredith said...

Lovely holiday hexie work

tubakk said...

Somany lovely blocks inall shapes and colours. I love them all.

Janet O. said...

Hey, that last owl winked at me! Cheeky fellow.
As I plod along with my one hexie project in the works I don't understand how you get so much done. I must have learned to hand stitch from a snail.

margaret said...

so much you have done here, so admire what you do can do the actual hexagons but not all those fancy shapes. Do you glue and if so what glue do you use please or is glue a dirty word?

Pamela said...

These are gorgeous!