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Friday, July 29, 2016

Feline Friday - 7/29/16

I am SUCH a good boy!
I've been helping Momma get ready for her camping trip!!

The cooler seems clean enough, with room for plenty of kibble.

I'm holding down the pop-up until she gets it packed. Rumor is these canopy tents can get pretty rowdy with all the excitement. Momma told me she bought a clear shower curtain with pretty butterflies to hang from the canopy just in case it rains. In case, Momma? Have you checked the weather forecast lately?! 60% doesn't sound too promising...

I've also helped arrange the rose stars for Momma's project. It was pretty tiring but she was thrilled with my arrangement! I think there is a lot of blue in this quilt but she didn't ask my opinion before she made them. I suggested a different color for the border and she seems to agree.

And last but not least, I made sure to get some lap time snuggles with Momma! A treat for both of us. GrandMomma comes to feed me so I'm not alone but it's just not the same without my favorite Momma. GrandMomma likes me but I think she's still just a little afraid of me - something about my naughty reputation when I first moved in to CasaGrande... I have NO idea what she is talking about tho cuz I am such a good helper!!


Janet O. said...

That second photo is such a hoot!
How can you go off camping and leave this ?sweet? thing on his own? : )

Tosty's Quilting Tidbits said...

Z you are just too cute and soooo helpful to boot!

KimM said...

Great post! What a sweetie.