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Friday, December 16, 2016

Feline Friday - 12/16/16

So. Let me just tell you...last weekend was TORTURE!!

First, Grandpoppa came over on Saturday to put in that fancy electrical socket that my uncle Tommy doesn't have. I did my best low-volume growl at him to no avail. I can look crossed eye (it comes natural) at Zorro to easily freak him out but crossed eyed plus growling didn't freak out Grandpoppa one teeny kibble. I knew I was in trouble then...

Can you believe that Momma closed the door to the stairs and I was stuck downstairs with both of them? With someone other than Momma? Other than Zorro? For more than an hour? O.M.G. It was horrible!

I fretted and fretted and looked for places to hide while Momma helped Grandpoppa. I tried the quilt lab but they were working in there. I tried behind the living room entertainment center (an old dresser) but Momma kept looking at me so I squished my way back out of there. There was no place to hide in the dining room or in the little bathroom so that just left me to pace in the kitchen. Momma calls the kitchen the north wing and they were working in the south wing so I was kinda safe.

I finally found a place to hide but Momma couldn't find me - even tho she searched the whole downstairs three times. It was kinda funny to see her looking for me. She looked in things and under things but she never looked on things. Silly Momma.

Two minutes after Grandpoppa left, Momma heard me land on the floor in the kitchen but she still didn't figure out where I had been hiding. Good, cuz I can use that spot again.

And then Sunday rolled around. Everything was fine until she picked me up and closed the door to the stairs again. What the dingle berries is this? Again? Some lady named Kristen came inside for some party. I growled at her too but she cooed back at me. What is with these people?

Momma said she wanted the first party guest to meet me and Kristen is a cat lady but I really didn't care so I quickly wriggled out of Momma's arms and paced the living room and quilt lab again.

Eventually I was able to run around them to the kitchen where I immediately jumped on the counter to hide in the corner. I was a little easier today cuz Momma had the mixer out to make banana bread. 

Momma laughed at me but ran for the camera before scooping me off the counter and letting me finally hide upstairs. 

When all those ladies finally left, I eventually came downstairs and had to sleep the rest of the day away (and I mean the. rest. of. the. day.) on the ottoman just to recover from the trauma. Zorro was Mr. Sociable while I was down for the count but I just didn't care. It was hard work hiding under the bed for 4 hours.

I think I heard Momma say that some jolly old fat man is coming over never weekend...what is with all these strangers in MY house??!! I. Just. Don't. Think. so...


Jo said...

Haha so funny. Love the hidey hole on the kitchen bench

Missy Shay said...

Poor Blue! I'm glad Zorro has grown so much he likes visitors now!

Janet O. said...

Such a clever (and unsociable) kitty! : )

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Poor Blue - such drama to have to deal with! Although, you should try Z's approach and enjoy all the attention.

Denise :) said...

Pauvre Bleu ... he really is quite unsociable, isn't he? Maybe the holly jolly man in red can gift him with some sociality! LOL! :)