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Friday, February 17, 2017

Double Feature: Feline Friday & HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 2/17/17

Double Features don't happen all that often but here we are celebrating not only your favorite felines but Momma's favorite quilting technique. One would have thought that would have garnered us a special breakfast but no. such. luck.

Last night Momma finished attaching the third border to the mothership.

Then she did this funny little happy dance. It was weird and exhausting. I needed a nap.

Momma does have the fourth side kinda made. She's widening it before she attaches it though. Then she'll just need to widen the bottom border. Her fingers are crossed it will be ALL finished by the March Hexie Linky Party. Me too cuz it's hard getting any lap time in when she's working on these big borders.

 Momma has also been prepping some pieced hexie parts to use as leader enders. I think she said this pile has 3 yellow and 4 blue sets. If you remember, Momma wants to take these camping with her this summer so she's got a *lot* of prepping to do.

This is her next one to prep. It's the "paddle" design...What ever that means.

OK, so I hear that Momma has promised pictures of the latest Zorro The Spokescat sighting. I can't believe it but here goes...

Momma was in Pier 1 and saw this pretty platter. I think it's kinda girly with Z's pink glasses but he keeps telling me that he was trying to be incognito or anything for kibble. He keeps changing his story...

Momma doesn't use platters much so she decided to get the mug. Do I really have to look at his mug on a mug all the time? Geesh. Real life isn't enough I gotta look at the girly version too??!!??

To top it all off - He even has tissue packets available! Momma thought they would be funny little gifts. I say go ahead, be my guest, blow all your gooey boogers on his pretty little face.

Now you tell me...How come I can't get any spokescat gigs?

Help me out. I'm a nice looking mancat! Got any gigs I can get in on??

Ok Hexie-ologists and fellow Felines - we're only having one linky today. Link early and link often and have a fantastice furry Friday!!!


Jo said...

Your Hexies are certainly getting there.

Chantal said...

I love your mug so much! I have to look for one for myself and my daughter! The comment on the boogers on Zorro's face had me snorting my drink (coffee - it was not 5 o'clock yet).
Bleu, don't worry, I am sure your Momma will find something extremely cute with your likeness on it. Hang in there buddy.
I love the borders on your hexie project. It is really coming along. I am sure you can almost taste that finish.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love how this project is coming out - lots of work. I find Moe and Bella on so many items, too - how come I'm not getting royalties? Just love the mug!! I would pass on the plate too - but the mug is a must.

Missy Shay said...

My husband said Blue is a pretty cat. I love your hexies!

Ruth said...

You are picking on those poor innocent little kitties. And all they want to do is sit on that gorgeous quilt! It's just beautiful.

Janet O. said...

I think Zorro leads a double life, and Bleu wants to know how it is done!
Wow--I am blown away by your owl quilt! Why am I so hexie challenged?!? Your many EPP projects leave me in awe!

Judy Dietrich said...

i love your quilt top!! Really making progress Tell Blue, he is the most handsome cat on my blog reads!!