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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #54 - 5/30/18

I have to tell you ... I've been missing my daily temp hexie. It's been a hot week (the hottest May in a long time, according to the radio!) and it would have been a fabulous rosette. It's ok tho - I'll be starting in 2 days with the new quilt!!

My overall idea is to do columns of EPP shapes: 1 column for each month & 1 shape for each day. My original plan had been to use 3/4" hexies but 12 columns of 30 hexies would have resulted in a quilt about 40 x 20". Kinda awkward.

Then I started digging through my drawers of EPP papers (sorted by size: 1", 1.5", etc)  and came across a package of 1" elongated hexies. It was a brand new bag but I bet I bought it years ago. Using the elongated hexies will make a quilt of ~22 x 20". A little more realistic and I'm gonna run with it. And it's especially nice to use what's already in the stash. Well, at least paper wise...

I'm using the same temp scale as last year:
     >100      brown
     90-99     maroon
     80-89     red
     70-79     orange
     60-69     yellow
     50-59     bright green
     40-49     dark green
     30-39     dark blue
     20-29     dark purple
     10-19     light purple
     0-9         pink
     below 0  white

I did want to make the fabrics "different" this year and since they are going to be small pieces I decided that I would go with all grunge fabrics instead of scrappy. They have enough character that it won't appear to be all the same fabric but it's easy to just stock up on precut pieces. You may recall last year I picked up a coupon organizer at Walmart. I labeled each section with the temperatures so I can stock it with fabric and papers. It's easy to pull out what I need.

I started by buying summer colors: red - orange - yellow - light green. The way this week is going, maybe I should have bought a maroon but I can get that the next time I go shopping. I really wasn't sure how much to buy but now that I've switched to smaller shapes I am pretty sure I've got plenty.

So? Are you joining in this year? Feel free to join in anytime. Your project doesn't even have to be English Paper Piecing. You can crochet an afghan or stitch another favorite block. It's just fun to see how your weather compares to mine.

Last week's weather: 72 - 79 - 80 - 81 - 75 - 84 - 80 F


Sarah said...


Pamela said...

Your temperatures are similar to mine. This week is a litle cooler than last - the rainy season is starting. I like your new shape and colors. I'm thinking about a total hexie quilt this time, instead of the applique blocks, but haven't decided for sure yet.

Julierose said...

Oh I love your elongated hexie idea and the expected size is really do-able, too. Hugs, Julierose

Julierose said...

Well, I AM joining in--I just ordered some elongated hexies and will be going through my stash to find colors--I will begin whenever they arrive...
I want to thank you for hosting this as I NEED something to keep me sewing...hugs, Julierose

hetty said...

I will continue to work on my hexies. But I love what you are planning.

Vireya said...

This looks interesting! I'll enjoy watching it come together as I try to finish a few projects.

Jo said...

I'll look forward to sewing the columns grow.