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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Wednesday Weather Report #93 - 2/27/19

It's too bad I'm not remembering to take photos of the other projects I've been working on  - I've got all the orange/red blocks done for Bonnie's Good Fortune mystery quilt and I'm prepping UFOs to take to a retreat so I can bang them out (Mackinac and Bonnie's rail fence leader/ender).

I've even done some reorganizing in my quilt lab including putting UFOs into shoe boxes for neater storage. If you remember' Bonnie's Diamond Tile blocks from last spring, I finally got 32 blocks sewn into a top and I just need to decide on borders. Once I get those borders decided I can remove a box from the pile!

But mostly my life is hexies - keeping up with the weather hexies every week and making lots of progress on Mr Serious. I spent most of the last weekend on the couch stitching and watching the last season of Mr Selfridge. I guess it was a good thing I rested when I did because I now seem to be getting sick for the first time in a loooooong time. Ugh.

I suppose the changes in the weather aren't helping...

February 20-26, 2019
32 - 37 - 33 - 39 - 50 - 21 - 19 F

Yes - This past Sunday was a high of 50F at 1pm but that was before the temps dropped nearly 20 degrees in 2 hours for a big storm to blow in. Luckily we did not get the Cat 1 hurricane force winds that were predicted but the massive temperature changes are not helping people's health...

February 1-26, 2019

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Janet O. said...

That yellow looks lonely.
"But mostly my life is hexies." Almost sounds like the introductory statement for a 12 step program.

Pamela said...

Very pretty string for the first 26 days of the month, but the big temperature changes so quickly are crazy! Here is my temperature quilt progress for last week - https://hokkaidokudasai.blogspot.com/2019/02/monday-morning-star-count-week-42.html

Jo said...

A good string of purples

diamondc said...

Sarah: These are beautiful colors I am looking forward to seeing the finished design.
Thank-you for stopping by my blog.