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Thursday, April 12, 2012

4 + 16

4 + 16 is the working title for my new leader ender project. I guess that makes it a NewFO and a UFO at the same time!! The quilt is based on a quilt I saw online which I can no longer find. I know it was called "brown quilt" for a monthly color challenge. If this is your quilt please speak up as I would love to give you credit.

This quilt is really just a ton of 4-patches. The larger 4-patches are made from 2.5" strips and finish at 4". The 16 patches are made from four 4-patches made from 1.5" strips. Two 4-patches and two 16-patches create the block.

The overall quilt is then made of 16 x 18 blocks for a 74" x 82" finish. My quilt is being made from scraps but EQ7 estimates it will take about 6 yards each of blue and neutral fabrics.

Of course, I needed a leader ender "kit." As I subcut units to make 4-patches I put them in this old muffin tin, which sits perfectly on the basket. I have rolled up/pressed 1.5" strips in the basket along with finished 4-patches.

Pinned pairs waiting to be sewn are stored right on the sewing machine so they are handy.

The hardest part of this (leader ender) project is not doing it all at once :)

Anyone want to make a 4 + 16 with me??!!
I can write a tutorial or pdf or whatever if it would help...


Janet O. said...

I love this design, Sarah, but I CANNOT take on another project, much as I love it! Can't wait to see it come together.
I understand about how hard it is sometimes to leave a leader/ender project as a leader/ender project. : )

Lauren Sgranfetto said...

You are the most prolific quilter I know! Wow! I just found a quilt I want to make for myself and I will be watching your progress and taking a lesson…

Michelle said...

It's going to look great when you finish.
I have to many things on the go now to join you.

quilt32 said...

Great idea to use the muffin tin.

Me and My Stitches said...

Love this quilt! It would be cool all scrappy too.

Denise :) said...

Wow -- this is beautiful -- great layout, too and perfect for a leader/ender project! I'd love your pattern for it -- this would make a fun quilt in Alabama colors for my guy! :)

ANudge said...

Wow that is a scrumptious quilt! I'm putting together four patches - I bookmarking this to make the top some years from now when I have enough - lol. Thanks for linking to Applique Thursday - love eye candy!