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Monday, April 02, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 4/2/12

Last Thursday, the 5th Thursday in March, brought the 5th and final basket block at Temecula Quilts.

They were going to post the quilt layout on Friday so I waited to make the last block. I had originally intended to just pull random brown-ish fabrics from my stash for each block but one of the browns was more golden and stuck out like a sore thumb. Depending on the layout, I could make the 5th block so it was more like the sore thumb or I could remake the block.

I decided to remake the block and of course, that leaves me with a lone block to make into a little quilt. Dad is making me a mini quilt hangar so I think that is probably what I'll do.

Not sure that my model appreaciated this but the colors matched :)

The bottom left block is the remade block and the bottom right block is the 5th/new block. I used a brown batik for the 5th block and I really like how most of the pattern shows up in the base of the basket.

The backing is a cream and brown flower print with tiny white pin dots. The colors match perfect. What I haven't decided is what to use for the binding. I might have enough of the setting triangles and I definitely have enough of the red, turquoise or purple. I suppose I could even use the backing fabric.

Now here's a coincidence...or is it fate?!
Janet - are you reading this?!
I remembered from Houston last year that there was a basket quilt that I adored...which was weird because I never really liked basket quilts before Houston. Unfortunately, my camera battery was fading and I didn't take a lot of pictures...just an overall that turned out to be out of focus and a closeup to see how the block was made. Anything look familiar?

Yup!! Essentially it's the same block as the one I remade for the doll quilt. Her seams are in different places but it's essentially the same. I am dying to make more of this block (It was my fav of the 5) and now I'm trying to decide on colors, how big I want the quilt, should I could I maybe do some kind of swap?!

Here's another coincidence...
Michelle - are you reading this?!
Just a few pictures after I took the basket quilt photos was this quilt. It's the rose star EPP that I want to make next. Oh, why didn't I take a photo of the whole quilt? Anyone out there who went to Houston have a photo of the whole quilt they would be willing to share?

Isn't it funny how those random pictures would be so meaningful just a few months later? I better go thru the other pictues again and see what else I was drawn to...


Janet O. said...

Yes, of course I am reading! I love your little quilt! You have made a beautiful mini and I think you could bind it with any of the possibilities you mentioned. I tend to lean to darker bindings, so I would probably go with the red or purple, myself.
That is a great quilt from the Houston show. Maybe that particular basket would have been more favored by me if I hadn't sewn it into one of my sets the wrong way and had to unpick it. I love the way the 4-patch in the block and the cornerstones in the sashing create the illusion of vertical chains.

Me and My Stitches said...

I vote for red binding (not that you asked me to vote!). I like your little extra block, and it's a nice little harness for the cat :) I have the pattern for that basket quilt, and even made several blocks, but decided that my fabric choices were too busy, so I didn't go any further on it!

marcella said...

Your basket quilt turned out really nice. I haven't made mine yet. Love the big basket quilt from Houston! You should totally go for it. Oh, and since we're voting I'd try out the purple for the binding fabric, with red second.

Connie said...

Beautiful blocks and mini quilt!

Michelle said...

I do love your model....
How funny to find the Rose Star amongst your photo's.

quilt32 said...

A mini-quilt hanger comes in handy to display orphan blocks. To have one made by your Dad is special.

Denise :) said...

I guess this just reinforces that one likes what one likes! I tried using google image to see if I could find another posting of the rose star, but to no avail. Boo! :)