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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Do NOT buy this iron!


The steam has damaged the lables

I bet I haven't had this iron 6 months and it's driving me nuts. I like a good heavy iron with lots of steam holes and this iron was touted for it's steam and durability. I had to turn down the steam levels when I first bought it because it was so copious (enough of a blast to burn your hand) but I soon found that as the water is used from the iron I have to turn up the steam level to maintain the same amount of steam. That's tolerable but a bother as my other irons were much more consistent regarding steam.

I have hard water (the directions said to alternate tap and distilled water) so I expected the calcium (?) deposits to come out of the iron. I'm even ok with the fact that the Teflon coating is wearing away on the edges. I do use my iron every day and not for ironing clothes!

What I'm not thrilled with is the fact that the iron now spits, spurts, fizzles, dribbles and drips. It even sometimes spurts dirty water on my fabric and board cover!

All good quilters have a close stash of candy!
The dripping has been sporadic as the iron was used but yesterday morning it also created this mess. Every single time I set the iron down after pressing a selvage, more water would leak out.

This is the second iron I've bought since I moved back to NY. The iron I brought back with me had lasted all 14 years I was in Miami. The next iron was a Black & Decker that worked like a charm until the heating element gave up the ghost.

I really don't want to buy another iron when this one technically works. I can't seem to justify the expense, even tho this one was only about $20, especially when I have no idea how long the next one will work. Maybe I need a cheaper iron so I won't worry about the expense...

Anyone have iron suggestions?
Yup - it was snowing this morning!


Jen said...

About every 6 months I go to Walmart and buy the cheapest teflon coated iron they have. And I really really try to get the ones without the auto-shutoff. I have found that quilting is much more rigorous than irons are designed for, so I just budget it. (And I NEVER use steam - just a hot dry iron - but they still seem to putter out)

Janet O. said...

I had a Black and Decker Iron for a couple of decades--I never used the steam, but I loved that it got hot. When the surface became irreparably damaged I bought a new Black and Decker a few months ago--still don't use the steam (just a spray bottle nearby), but this one does not get as hot. On its highest setting I can touch it to damp fabric and not hear the hiss to which I am so accustomed. Honestly, I read so many posts of people disappointed in their irons, I wonder if it is possible to buy a new one and be happy with it? Encouraging, huh?

Me and My Stitches said...

I think we all have the same iron woes. After everything that I have read online regarding different irons, I think I will stick with my Rowenta. Even if they do eventually seem to sputter - they still seem to be better than most. I've had mine a lot of years - I think it's been worth the money!

Denise :) said...

Wow...snow on your car this morning! We've got a freeze warning for tonight. As for the iron...like she said above, there is no perfect "quilter's" iron. I like the idea above of just buying a cheapie iron from wherever and using it dry, with starch or spray water. Good luck! :)

Connie said...

My old, old reliable iron died this year and I bought a new cheap one as I never use the steam. I miss my old one because it was heavy, I think next time I'll look at goodwill.