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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Camping 101

I went to 8th Lake Campground in the Adirondack Mountains the last weekend in July. My family has been going to the same campground since I was 10 but this was my first solo trip and I simply cannot wait to do it again! I even made a list of campsites I prefer for next summer - including sites on the lake! This was home sweet home for 5 days:

Some of you are probably saying..."But Sarah - that's not your car?!"
And that is because this was my car:

I won't bore you with all the details but this is the end of my very own driveway. I was all proud of myself to have the car packed Thursday night. I just had to get up Friday morning, shower, scoop the litter and jump in the car. And I did just that except while I was backing out of the drive, the brakes grabbed and just wouldn't let go. Dad came right over to take a look but there was nothing he could do. I called a couple local repair shops who couldn't even look at my car until I was on or back from my trip so I had a good cry right there on the lawn. Turns out the pads had come unglued and wound around the brake drum, they were starting to do the same on the other side and the bearing broke. Thank God this didn't happen while *on* my trip.

Daddy saved the weekend by letting me borrow his truck. The extra room allowed me to take my bike and some other extras and now I need to figure out how to take my bike next year without needing to drive his tank of a gas-guzzling truck!

Anyway, I was only three hours late but soon enough I saw this beloved sign:
Can you see on the GPS where the background is part white and part green? The green designates park land.
 I didn't do much Friday night other than set up camp, feed the ducks and fuss with wet firewood to cook dinner. Firewood cannot be transported more than 50 miles so you are stuck with "tourist" firewood...

On the drive up I had seen signs that there would be an antique show in Old Forge over the weekend so Saturday turned into a shopping day. I don't have any pictures of my purchases but I will probably do so next week. Just think antique cutter quilt in a lily design!

Saturday I also went to the Black Bear Trading Post Quilt Shop. She was having a sale on batiks so I purchased a "couple" which I have of course neglected to photo of yet. Anyway, I signed up for her mailing list and was very sad to receive a notice just yesterday that she is retiring and closing her shop after Columbus Day weekend. Now why couldn't she have told me that when I was there? Sew, now I'm saving my pennies to hit up the final sales when I crash Mom and Dad's camping trip in September for a long weekend.

See the pink Adirondack chairs? Those are for the waiting hubbies!

What's a black bear trading post without the black bear?!
I think tomorrow I will show you some wildlife pictures and then save the rest for next week. I'll actually show you some sewing on Thursday! Like sewn with a machine, not just hexies! How novel.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

You need to get yourself a little bike rack for next year, so you can take your bike with you on your car. They have some that strap on the back, no hitch needed.

Denise :) said...

Love your camp setup ... I have to admit I miss the "roughing it" days a little. RV life is WAY far from roughing it! Even if you're boondocking! Bummer on the quilt shop. When you go back, I'll send you some $$s to score some batiks for me, too! LOL! :)

Missy Shay said...

Sounds like fun! I love camping

quilt32 said...

Just a glimpse of what looks like a gorgeous area. I'll be anxious to see some more pictures.

Dad to the rescue again!

Michelle said...

A very good camp set up.
I'm glad you had a great time.
I'm not to sure about the bear in the quilt shop , but at least there was a quilt shop near by...
Sorry about your car......thank god for Dads.

Janet O. said...

So frustrating when those last minute glitches are such major things. Glad Dad saved the day.
Yup, you need a bike rack for your car.
Looks like a very fun quilt shop--at least you found it before it closed.
I remember looking for quilt shops in the Adirondacks a few years ago actually on Columbus Day, but everything was closed.
Can't wait to see your antique shop finds--and more of your camping.