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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pressing Issues...

This here is my messy ironing board and you can see that it will be getting a work out soon. Last Friday (you know, no chores day) had to be slightly interrupted for fair prep but I felt the need to work on a machine piecing project and decided to work on my Orca Bay mystery quilt. I did not feel the need to create the remaining blue string blocks that are holding up the whole project but I did think I could start to assemble the quilt top with the blue blocks I already had. I divided the quilt top into quarters and completed one section (shown hanging on the design wall in yesterdays post). I then pieced as many more pairs as I could using all the pieces I have on hand. I continued sewing early Saturday morning but the ironing still needs doing. Maybe this friday will be the day to iron and continue assembly.

You can see a short stack of blue/white 16 patches - my current leader ender project.
You can also see I have attached the last 2 pieces of a rose star shown yesterday.

Sorry folks - I reloaded this pic 3 times and tried everything else in between that normally works.
Please tilt your head to the right for a more realistic view.
Yesterday I was able to cut out the pieces for another star. I think I have told y'all that this is a fussy cutting project and these particular pieces were cut with the templates I just received from paperpieces.com. I LOVE them and the cutting process was so quick and easy thanks to the clear templates. I think the only way to make them better would be a dead center dot and maybe lines marking quarters to line up a fussy cut design.

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Ruth said...

What a great idea for putting in a dot! I only have one acrylic template from them (the POC one), but now I'm thinking I should get a few more.

Still waiting for my fabric for my hexies. Maybe it'll arrive today.

Janet O. said...

So many projects, so little time!
I pulled out my Orca Bay recently, too. Gotta get that thing finished!
You should patent your ideas for the templates! : ) Sounds good to me.

Connie said...

Lots of great projects! I have my Orca bay pinned and ready to quilt.....I just keep putting things in front of it :) Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

quilt32 said...

I'll be checking out the templates.

Michelle said...

I have made my own templates out of templastic for the rose stars.
But I'm only tracing around them and then cutting out with scissors.
I do love your owls.....
At least you are attemping to finish a UFO , I just keep adding them....

Denise :) said...

They are cute no matter how you have to turn your head! I have found that when I have a picture that does that, if--before uploading it--I right click and turn it counterclockwise, then right click and turn it back clockwise and THEN upload it, it does fine. As long as explorer is not the browser. Then nothing works. LOL! :)

AnnieO said...

Orca Bay lost me when it came to all those string blocks, but I think they look great when other people make them! Hope your iron finally gets some work time :)