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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random photo

Nothing exciting on the quilting front today so I'll share this shot from my office door Tuesday.

This huge monstrosity is HALF of a propane tank headed for Pennsylvania. There are 11 more halves to be sent to PA but the sheriff I spoke to wasn't sure if they were all taking the same route.

Thankfully, she (yup, driver was a lady!) didn't come thru a week ago - there is no way she could have made the detours around the fire scene with this 12 axeled "trailer" which was really in 3 pieces. I hope you can see that the tank is nearly twice as tall as the semi.

At first we thought they were stopping because it couldn't make the hill but it turned out they were ahead of schedule and had to pause for a few minutes.


Janet O. said...

So if you are "ahead of schedule" with a monstrosity like that you have to stop in the middle of the road blocking traffic and wait? For what?

Denise :) said...

Holy wow -- that's a monstrosity, all right!! You gonna sign up for my giveaway??!! C'mon, girl friend! Pumpkin Spice tea is on the line! :)

AnnieO said...

Wow, that is massive! The LA Times today had diagrams on the shuttle Endeavor's multiple mile trip down Martin Luther King Blvd over the next couple days, starting tomorrow, and all the machinations and crews and insane prep required. The shuttle is 85 tons but the problem is the wing span--they say the wingtips will be passing over people's driveways in some spots!