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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall flowers

I went out the front door this morning to capture the yellow leaves left on the maple tree and the pretty blue sky.

As I was standing there, I realized that the pot on the porch steps (that did nothing all summer) has now flowered, despite a hard frost last week.

So then I decided to take a couple other pictures to share. This purple delphinium always blossoms again in the fall - love that!

And I waited for this white phlox to blossom all summer but it waited for fall...not sure if that was becasue it was a transplant or just a fall variety.

By this point I was out of time but I bet the sedum would have been pretty too...


Denise :) said...

Gorgeous! And how funny ... I just spent the last thirty minutes or so walking around in my folk's back yard taking fall foliage and floral shots! I'll probably share tomorrow. The purple delphinium is wonderful, by the way ... go figure, that's my favorite! :)

Janet O. said...

My garden never has anything this pretty in the fall. Lovely!

Michelle said...

I think you caught those leaves just in time....I don't think they will be around much longer.
Pretty flowers too.

quilt32 said...

My daughter and I were just saying your part of the country must be beautiful this time of year. She was in the Niagara Falls area in June.