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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Batavia Quilt Show

This weekend I went to the quiltshow of one of the local guilds. There were lots of nice quilts but I'll just share my fave five! I even won a doorprize, which I will share at another time cuz I forgot to photograph it this morning.

And then we went thru the vendor area. I only bought one pattern and a doll quilt in the boutique, which I again forgot to photograph thanks to my migraine this morning but it was very cute. The whole day only cost me $20!

Unfortunately as I was perusing the booth of a LQS I discovered something very unsettling. I was looking over their hexie wares and what did I discover but a kit to make one of MY quilts. In the kit were all the fabrics to make the top - they are different fabrics but in the same colors. There was even a picture of my quilt. This is the store that asked to borrow three of my hexie quilts to display in their booth at a prominent local quilt show and then asked me to teach a class on a fourth project.

There was never any mention that they would sell kits that would include pictures of my quilt. They didn't ask my permission nor did they ask the source of the pattern - it's not my pattern but comes from The Civil War Sewing Circle by Kathleen Tracy - and I don't recall that either is documented in the kits.

I am honored that they wanted to copy my quilt but my question for everyone is if I somehow implied permission for this store to create kits by lending them my quilt or should they have asked me?

I am calmer now and ready to write an email to the store but I am not sure what I should say to them. Help!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

You should contact Kathleen Tracy as she may have a copyright in place with some clout to help in having them remove their product. NO they have no right to take the product and kit it up without your permission or Kathleen's.

Judy Dietrich said...

Yes, you need to be calm when you write to them. Did you have any info on the quilts when you lent them to the quilt store--on labels?? They did not have your permission to take the design and kit it--makes me understand how the quilt designers feel now. There is a basic trust that you should have had with the owner, but you need to find out who is responsible for the actual kit making. I hope you can work this out if a reasonable fashion. They probably did not think they were going to upset you like this--the quilt shops use patterns all the time to make up samples to display. Everyone is trying to get by in this economy, but it is not right to use someone's work, especially without your permission. They are also violating the rights of a Kathleen--even though she gives people the right to use her patterns for their own use. Write down what you want to say before you write an email, and remember that politeness has its rewards!! Another thing you need to consider--all shop owners talk to each other--so keep it real!! Good Luck!!

Janet O. said...

I can't believe you only spent $20, you strong woman, you!
Definitely get your thoughts down in a calm manner, but yes--you do need to make it clear that your quilt was not an original design and they are violating copyright. Even if it was original, they should have asked!!!

Missy Shay said...

A lot of people who give their patterns away for free do not want them sold for personal gain, so be sure to check with Kathleen and see what she says.
They should have talked with you first to get permission and at least put your name on it somewhere!

Denise :) said...

Man...I'd still be fuming!! I *am* fuming! Let me call/e-mail them! I think the above voices of wisdom are spot one. Keep us posted, okay?! :)

Me and My Stitches said...

That is not good - I bet you were more than a little shocked when you saw their kits. They definitely should have asked you before they did it. Did they write up instructions?

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that they would have made a kit and used a picture of your quilt.

I also suffer from migraines so I can feel for you having to function with one today.