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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Antiquing in Pennsylvania

The drive to Baltimore this past weekend is only about 5.5 hours according to the GPS. Why then, do you ask, did it take 8.5 hours??! Outside of the obvious gas and lunch stops, we stopped at Roller Mills Antique Center in Lewisburg, PA!! I could have spent twice as long there to check out nearly 400 antique "booths" inside this gorgeous old mill. Be sure to check out the history of the four story flour mill.

You are gonna laugh but what do I spy in the entry way but a hexie table! I texted a photo to Denise who promptly told me I "needed" it but the table remains in PA.

Just beyond the table I found this great quilt. You can barely make out the old beams of the mill. A "tad" out of my price range, the quilt also remains in PA.

I like the combo of hexie shapes in this next quilt and the colors are great too. I think I already own these paper shapes so this baby goes on the bucket list :)

Dad thinks he can replicate this little rack for me. I have a pretty extensive collection of hankies with tatted edges but they are in a box for lack of a good display rack.

What did I come home with tho??

I happen to have a thing for crocks and really liked the shape of this one, including the blob of glaze on the side. I also picked up the brass key in the photo. I think this was the first one I've seen with the rectangular top. Someone spent a lot of time polishing the brass (I kinda wish they hadn't) but it's a nice key and was clearly used as the end was bent. LOL!

I could do a post on my key and crock collections if anyone is interested...


Missy Shay said...

I love that yellow hexie quilt, which is not surprising since yellow is my favorite color!

Janet O. said...

You need to look for such a table when you are closer to home. That is something that belongs in your home, I think. : )
That is a very cool little "ladder" your Dad said he could replicate for your hankies.
I'd love to see the crocks and keys, Sarah. Collections are fascinating things.

Ruth said...

I just emailed this to the Hubz. We could use a weekend away and we both like antiques centers.

Any good quilt shops there?

Frances said...

We have an octagonal table, my post of 14th March 2013 is it, but not a great photo if you are trying to count how many sides it has. I will make more of an effort next time.

June said...

Oh yes, I would love to see your key and pottery collection! I still make tatted lace handkerchiefs (even though it takes me a long time to finish one)! June

Anonymous said...

I love antique stores and have visited some good ones in PA. Love the crock and key and would like to see pictures of your collection.