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Friday, August 05, 2016

Feline Friday - 8/5/16

When Momma came home from camping last Sunday she was telling me about the wildlife she saw.

First she saw this big bug in the bathroom. The bathrooms are the only buildings in the campground with electric and there are always bugs attracted to the lights but this one was pretty big. Ugh.

Then she told me about the two yummy sweet chippies who would come eat out of your hand. They will even hold your fingers to look for food when you don't actually have anything to offer them.

You will notice there are no photos of ducklings this year - can you believe there were none?? Momma actually threw out most of her stale bread cuz the yummy chippies only showed up twice.

You will also notice that there are no photos of bears - with the drought they are more prevalent but alas they didn't bother Momma or her campsite. Phew!

Can you find me??

Does your hydrangea turn from white to lime green like Momma's does??!!

It was all so sad and scary that I hid under the hydrangea!

It was so exhausting snoopervising Momma unload the car that I had to take a nap.
I feel better now.


Charlene S said...

Those chippies knew you weren't with your mom otherwise there would be fewer. The nerve of them holding your mom's finger. signed Me-new

Janet O. said...

I'm glad the bears left you alone. When my daughter lived in NH there were sometimes bears in the neighbor's back yard. We just returned from where they moved in Oregon--right in Eugene, and there were squirrels, deer and wild turkeys in the neighbor's back yard. Would have been in their yard, too, if it wasn't fenced.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love Z in the box! The chippers here are even bold. My SIL feeds them - just can't convince her they are rodents, not pets.