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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 8/17/16

Hello and Welcome to another monthly edition of Hexie Linky Party!!!

I think you should sit down before I begin.

I did curves!!
(I almost liked it.)

I'm not sure which direction I like better...
This color combo started with the dark/burnt orange in the middle round.

It's not my favorite technique (yet?) but I was getting better by the time I added the 6th peach piece. I'm sure over the years I've just psyched myself up for something awful.

I'm used to right sides together, using tiny binder clips to make sure both pieces are the "same" size and easing in any differences. There's no really good way to match right sides together when fitting curves together. It's more like match a quarter inch section, stitch, next quarter inch section and hope the ends line up properly. I was still able to fudge a little but I'm probably the only one who sees any problems.

I think my next Jefferson Star will start with a purple fabric. Certain people won't be surprised.

I attempted to get my QCO to pose with the block this morning. He immediately rolled over and refused to roll back towards me. I immediately refused to crawl under the dining room table to get his front side.

I finally took advantage where I could and left it at that. This is why I don't enter the pets ON quilts show...

PS - I promise I have not forgotten more ADK or AQS photos but it's County Fair week and I've got a bunch of time off work (my only internet access) while I help my parents run the Antiques Division.


Janet O. said...

Oh, wow, Sarah. Plain hexies are enough of a challenge for me. I will stick to machine piecing curves. But these look amazing!
Pretty funny about your QCO not wanting to pose with the product. I guess once it has been inspected he is done with it!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

These are wonderful, but I am with Janet and will do curves by machine. My furkids are not cooperation for the Show either - it's a pain every year.

Frances Meredith said...

You survived!

Pamela said...

Amazing piecing! I haven't tried anything other than hexagons so far.

Jo said...

Your piecing is lovely.. Great cat photo