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Monday, May 01, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 5/1/17

Happy May Day!!
I missed the annual May Day Breakfast at the church 3 doors up from my house. We had a fire call at 11pm and a rescue call at 3am - both were false alarms so all with well except I slept in a bit and completely forgot the breakfast until I was leaving for work. The church has been doing a May Day breakfast for 124 years - are there any local churches that do a breakfast near where you live?

Did you miss me last week? I was away at 2 conferences - one in Buffalo and one in Rochester. Of course working extra before and after to get the work done. Ah...the woes of a one woman office...

Luckily they were the type of conferences where I can sit and stitch while listening to the speakers - in fact, I listen better when my fingers were busy and that means I got a lot of hexie work accomplished. Woohoo!!

I started with getting three of these rosettes together. These chrysanthemums are the birthday shapes from our hexie club from 2015. I think I am now more than halfway done. They will be machine appliqued on to a background for a lap size quilt and I hope to get the background pieced soon now that I have found more shot cotton in the color I needed.

Then I moved to these Salt & Pepper blocks. All the blocks have black-on-white jewels around a white-on-black hexie surrounded by burnt orange diamonds. I had the centers done a while ago so I just needed to baste and stitch on the diamonds.

Next up were more twisted hexies. This will be a bed size quilt when it's done and it's one of my top 3 hexie UFOs to finish this year. I keep changing my mind which I want to focus on this year. These pieces had to all be basted and stitched together.

And finally, I finished stitching on the final hexie for my 3D project. Woohoo! The cardinal fabric on the right was the inspiration fabric and will be used as the backing.

Normally I take papers out as I stitch along, especially when I need to reuse papers instead of buying them. Apparently I didn't need to reuse the papers cuz here they all are. It won't take all that long, it's just something I need to add to the honey-do list.

And because you know I can't resist... I am pretty sure this is going to be my next doll quilt. I recently saw a gorgeous yellow and gray quilt and I think this design will work well with that color scheme. The central hexies will all be the same gray while the triangles will be various bright yellows. I purchased the gray and first yellow yesterday - now I just need to find a ton more yellows to add variety.

Hey - an actual wall for Design Wall Monday. LOL.
My fav brother installed the fan and dad make the rosette to
cover the hole left by the old off-center light

And lest you think I'm a one trick pony - I've finally got some color on my bedroom walls. I was hoping that one coat would do it but that's not the case. #2 will be going on later this week. I'm trying to rest my self-diagnosed golf elbow which is exacerbated by repetitive motions like painting and hexing...cuz y'all should know that the closest I get to golfing is the annual golf tournament for our fire department. No matter what, I read that not taking care of it right away can make it a chronic condition and I've already ignored it for several weeks...


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sarah,
I love your black and white hexies! So sharp looking. ~smile~

Angie in SoCal said...

Love your EPP - you so many of them going - how great. Take care of that elbow. Blessings,

Janet O. said...

Are you sure this wasn't the Help for Hexie-aholics post? Seems like it should have been. LOL
I am always surprised by the number of options available to those of you that are TOTALLY addicted to EPP. Each one looks stellar. You have great color sense and always make things look like they were meant to be.

Pamela said...

So many epp projects! I like then all.

Robin said...

The blocks with the black centers look like they would be fun to makes. I'll have to try some.

Missy Shay said...

I love the color of your walls. I've never heard of a May Day breakfast.

margaret said...

it make me so cross when people call the fire brigade etc with false alarms do they not think someone could lose their life whilst the services are out on a hoax call.

Plenty of hexies in a variety of shapes and colours all lovely you have been busy. Great design wall you are going to have too

No no ma day breakfasts here

Jo said...

You have got quite a few projects happening. But I do love the Black and white fabrics

Denise :) said...

LOL!! I was so thinking what Janet said and was all prepared to type it out until I saw her comment!! Add a linky party to it and you're done for the 17th!! Glad you were able to be so productive over the conference time frame! :)

Julierose said...

Lovely pieces--I especially like the twisted hexies...hugs, Julierose

Judy Hansen said...

FYI - Since Judy Laquidara is no longer doing "Design Wall Mondays", I talked to her and got permission to continue Design Wall Mondays at my blog: http://smallquiltsanddollquilts.blogspot.com/

I hope to see your posts on future Mondays, Judy Hansen