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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meghan's Scavenger Hunt

Meghan always has the best ideas to celebrate her birthday. Last year she treated us all to a Zumba class. I had a blast since I love the Latin dance music that it uses. Some of the girls weren't so into it...too much sweat and hard work :) I think it allowed us to enjoy the three kinds of cake with no second thoughts.

This year Meghan arranged a scavenger hunt in downtown Perry. Her husband put together the list of items and we had to fill in names of the 5 hair salons, find pieces of the architecture and even take pictures of certain things. We broke into three teams after meeting at the bookstore and ventured out for about an hour. Some of the scavenging took place IN the bookstore which was a great way to warm up on a brisk day when it was grappling out. We all then went to Meghan's great Victorian house for tea, cake and conversation. Can't wait to see what she comes up with for next year.

The Perry mascot is the Silver Lake Sea Serpent (the sea serpent was "found" in the Castile part of the lake but that story is for another day) and there are many Serpents around down town.  Over the course of the day we found 10 and missed 2 others. Here are my teammates with two tech-savvy serpents:

This is the remains of a great mural:

Proof that I participated - this is the door to nowhere in the bookstore. Can you believe I have never even noticed this non-door and I am in this store every other week or so since it's right next to my office?!?! You can see they offer coffee and fraps, etc.

Santa's Workshop is still set up so two groups posed together for a required photo.

Here's the birthday girl.
Hope you had a great day Meghan!
We certainly did.

And yes, we even take pictures of people taking pictures of food!

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