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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Painting blues

Let me just start by saying - I lalala-love my new accent wall but now I'm thinking my rationalization for which wall to accent was thoroughly off.

Ok, picture a rectangular east-facing room: 1 short and 1 long wall each have a window. The other long wall has a centered door and the other short wall has nothing. Yeh, no closet, welcome to living in an old house ;)

I had originally planned to accent the blank wall but realized that several file cabinets, a mounted 4'x6' map and possibly another bookcase would cover it up. I debated and debated on the other three walls - did I want to see it as I entered the room or only when I was in the room and turned back towards the door. Then one spring morning the sun actually came out and reflected on the short window wall. That was it. The sun would highlight the denim-like texture perfectly.

These colors are more realistic than the sunlit version below
Amazing how the morning sun can change the color so dramatically

This weekend I painted, made a mess and had a ball! I tried to do a little too wide an area at once so the glaze was tackier than it should have been so it looks organic instead of perfect. It was great to see the light bouncing back and forth on the semi-gloss paint (remember, the room had been matte pink before = yuck!)

Then this morning it dawned on me - that wall will have 2 bookcases on it. Most of the wall will be covered. wahhhhhhhhhh :(  We still have to put the new floor in and probably will move the bedroom furniture in here so we can work on that room - I may not get to see it "finished" for several months.  I'm sure it will look great when it's done, I'm just getting anxious to getterdone and get everything back to where it should be.

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