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Thursday, March 24, 2011

UFO Thursday

I've worked on UFOs this week but haven't made a lick of progress on my #1UFO for Judy's Challenge yet this month and there are only how many days left?! As close as I have gotten to working on it (remember, I only need to finish quilting and bind a table runner) is to look thru my new book for quilting designs. The last time I posted about this runner someone suggested I quilt a vine in the center of the runner. Good idea! You can see I marked several pages for possible border designs. Hopefully tonight I can narrow down the choices.

You can see the sun came back out. 4+ days of no sun were a real downer. On the up side, having the sun come into the office this morning, where I still needed to decide what wall to pain the accent color, made an easy decision for me this morning. The wall I chose is the only wall to get hit with the sun in the mornings (no walls get sun in the afternoon, wrong side of the house).

I neglected to take a photo but I have worked on my Omigosh quilt. I cut 2.5" squares on the diagonal and sewed them to the sides of 4-patches made of 1" strips. The 4-patches were already made and some of the triangles already sewn on so this didn't take too much time altho it had been sitting for quite a while. Now I need to trim them up. I think it will add up to considerable waste but with this many seams and such tiny pieces it will turn out better when everything is squared properly. Lots and lots more of these to make so I'll take a photo on another day.

I've also made a little progress on my mystery quilt from Bonnie. I'll sew a few more tris, press them open and then count them to see how many more I need. I know I also need a lot more but no use counting too soon and getting depressed about it!

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