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Friday, April 22, 2011

Feline Friday - new "tricks"

You've heard me say before that Smokey is always looking for more food or treats. I call her Midgie (short for Midget) because she is just the tiniest skin and bones thing. At some point this week she decided to jump up onto my cutting table and meow for a treat. Silly me, I rewarded her ingenuity and she is now constantly jumping up looking for a treat.

Then Pepper wanted in on the scheme and he jumped up. Whereas Midgie will stay hoping for more treats, Pepper eats and runs, altho he will come back for more later.

I've pretty much convinced Midgie to stay away from the ironing board and hot iron but she doesn't mind sitting on fabric and such on the cutting mat. Actually using the mat with her there is a "treat" in itself!

And for some unknown reason both Midgie and Cali rediscovered the cat chair. No one has sat in the chair for so long that I threw all the kid's toys there. Someone discovered I had also put some catnip on the chair and now it's the hottest "new" toy in the house.

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