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Thursday, April 21, 2011

UFO Thursday

I agree - it IS a horrible picture but as I was walking out the door this morning to realize I had no picture to post today...this is the best I can offer. It's snowing and gray AGAIN so I just don't have the energy to try for a better shot.

Hexies are a great travel project and, yes, I did bring two with me to work. The larger orange/ purple "Bathroom Quilt" works best for me when I pull out enough squares to complete one row at a time. That row is almost done so I've also brought a diamond to work on. These are more mindless and I am enjoying playing with the striped fabric.

I have tomorrow off for Good Friday so I am "scheduling" a Feline Friday post...let's hope it posts on its own since the last 2 scheduled posts needed a push... Happy Easter!

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