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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome Spring!

This is not at all the post I thought I would be writing today. I had thought I could get some nice sunny pictures of the progress of my gardens (I was gifted a number of perennials this weekend and also potted my porch containers) and dandelions (one must remain optimistic, even when the neighbor "offers" to mow your lawn).

Instead, I only have this foggy shot to share...

It's currently 44.5 degrees and quite foggy. It's not raining right now but it has been for days. In other areas massive rains have caused flooding and thankfully I don't have that problem. My problem was blowing out a windshield wiper (not at all like blowing out a flip flop - sorry couldn't resist more Jimmy Buffet humor, see liquor store sign in above photo) on the drive to work this morning. Try driving through the rain and fog with no wipers = I was not a happy camper.

Daddy will help me get them fixed (Edit: Fixed already - that was easy!!!) and all will be better but I really feel bad for the hummingbirds. I religiously (yeh, all 3 years now) hang my hummer feeds on Mother's Day weekend in anticipation of their arrival. I jot down the first day I see them in my bird book and for the last 2 years it has been on May 14th. Poor things thought they were coming north for the summer and now they are freezing their tiny tushes off.

For some reasons my hummers seem to only like this tiny feeder best and I've already had to refill it once. Mr. Hummy was doing a fly by looking for some nectar yesterday morning as I was walking back out the house door with the refilled feeder. I had hoped he would come to me holding the feeder but he didn't - maybe later this summer when he gets used to me.

The funniest siting yet (oh how I wish I had been able to get a photo of this) was Mr. Hummy flying around the feeder watching the squirrel who had been stealing my birdseed but who was now watching the hummingbird. :)

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