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Monday, August 22, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 8/22/11

Are you a list maker? I am. Having spent last week at the Fair and the week before getting ready for the Fair - I had certain chores that had been seriously neglected for a while. Saturday night I made my honey do list for Sunday and woke up nicely rested. I spent the morning picking up some hotspots (the dots are what's started) while waiting for stuff to load on the computer. By noon I was thoroughly disgusted with the computer and had completely switched to sewing - which I continued doing until I decided I should really make supper at 8pm. Thankfully sewing had been on the list and was the one item I could actually cross off!

Now this certainly wasn't a rocket science project and I wasn't really in a hurry but I finished an ok audio book and started a great one so it was a nice afternoon in my pjs watching thunderstorms come and go while working on this project. I used the "recs" ruler from my tri-recs set to make these rectangles. I had seen a quilt made in this style with various neutrals and red/green Christmas fabrics. I liked the other quilt much better and think it's because these colors are so vibrant and contrasty. There is no mushiness or even scrappiness here at all. Is that maybe why I never use my 30's repros?

Any way...I will be adding borders to the top/bottom to make this a more usable size since it's too big for a runner and too small for even a baby quilt. I'm not sure what it's for, other than to show another design with this ruler set which is a required ruler for a BOM class I will be helping to teach at the LQS.

I would love to see any design ideas you guys have for using the tri/recs ruler so I can share with my students.


Janet O. said...

Oh, I have had the same results with some of my list-making!
I like this quilt design. The only thing I have done with my tri/recs rulers are the 54-40 or fight-type blocks in the eye fooler quilt I have posted about a couple of times.

Chris said...

I used to make lists but I always lost them. Now I just wing it :0

Mom Quilter said...

I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find a tutorial for this pattern. Thanks.

Jo Anna

marcella said...

I prefer to write things down as I do them and then cross them off. Makes me feel smug to have a list of crossed off items. You know, with things like brush teeth, shower, make bed. You gotta have a few things you can easily cross off so you can feel good about your list :-) I like your zig zag quilt, but then there's just something really fun about 30's fabrics.

Denise :) said...

I am a list person...if I remember to put on my list that I need to make a list. Haha. No, I'm serious. Lists work great for me if I remember to make one. It's a discipline! I'm not typically a 30's repro person, but I like how they look in this particular pattern! :)