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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your new haircut without your eyeballs behind the frames of your glasses, your double chin showing, a silly grin or that little something stuck in your teeth. yuck!

This is really the same style but shorter and I let the stylist blow dry it and she went straight instead of my normal wave/curl. I'll have to let her do that more often as I've gotten lots of comments.

Exactly, a photo of me (egads) means that no sewing has been done this week...


Anonymous said...

Don't you just look so cute. I really like it.

Janet O. said...

Since I hadn't seen what you looked like before the cut, I can't compare it to anything, but it is fun to put a face with your name. And I do like your hair.
Getting all spruced up for the big event?

Lauren Sgranfetto said...

Lookin good!
Got rulers from Claudia today- gonna be sewing a lot this weekend! See you-

Michelle said...

Nice !
I had mine cut that short when I had baby no. 2 ( didn't have time to do things with hair down to my butt ) and guess what, my hair is down to my butt again.
I must do something about it though, some days I wish it was short........
Until Next Time.