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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

In a bind

I'm afraid it's terribly difficult to get an interesting picture of me binding the same quilt you've seen me working on for how many days now...I hope photos of my set up and helper will suffice :)

Yeh, it's a pretty dark picture but it's really hard to get a good shot when my bright Ott light is doing it's best to highlight only the area I'm working on. I was watching "A River Runs Through It" on the laptop while binding...

How do you bind?
I know of some righties, like myself, who bind left to right while I prefer right to left. I also am essentially doing an applique stitch, not whipstitching. My thread travels underneath the quilt backing, usually about 1 or 1.5 lengths of the machine stich I used to sew the binding to the front. My needle then catches a couple threads of the binding fold. This is completely backwards of how I was originally taught to bind. You can see in the photos I use those hair clips. I prefer to only use 2 at a time, about a 1/2" apart, that are leap frogged along as I work. The yellow "truck" pin, shown below, is placed where I started binding so that it doesn't catch and tear.

After a hard morning of supervising my stitching and periodically blocking my view of the movie, it was time for a stretch and to see if anything interesting was happing all the way down at floor level.

Again, too bad the corner is washed out from the Ott light but I do adore this photo.

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Carol E. said...

I am rightie, and I sew right to left, also. And I also use those hair clippy things to hold the binding in place. But nowdays it's pretty rare for me to do a binding by hand. I only do it by hand on a small wall hanging, and even then, if it's not a gift, I might do it by machine.