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Monday, May 21, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 5/21/12

Not the best photo but I wanted to show you that Pepper also gave his stamp of approval to the completed quilt for the cat shelter raffle.

I just added some straightline quilting to accentuate some of the diagonal seams and then used the same brown from the back to bind it. I hope the binding calms down some of the brightness to make it more palatable to possible winners.
I tried a newwer-to-me method of machine sewn binding on this quilt. I still prefer to hand sew my bindings for personal or special projects and I generally start with 2" strips. The last method I tried included zigzagging a thin string down the middle of the strips and then using my stitch in the ditch foot against the string to make sure it was positioned right on the back. It worked ok for the sides but the corners were never right and I felt the zigzag was "scratchy." I didn't have any problem with this method other than I thought cutting the strips at 2.5" was huge compared to my usual 2" and the binding wasn't "full". I will probably try this again but with a 2.25" or 2" strip. 



Vicki said...

Looks great and I love the borders. Your quilting looks great. I use 2.5 in strips and whips stitch the binding after attaching them with the machine. It is the only method I am comfortable with, however, I should graduate to machine bindings soon. I have several quilts to bind!

Janet O. said...

I think it is a wonderful little quilt, Sarah!
Interesting binding method. I have heard others refer to it lately. Wonder if I am brave enough to try it?

Michelle said...

Great finish Sarah !
Looks great too.

quilt32 said...

The winner of this quilt should be very happy.

I use 2-1/4 inch strips and hand stitch to the back. I've never been happy with other methods.

Denise :) said...

What a pretty little piece this is -- and the quilting is just perfect for it. Well done! If I were there, I'd give my "stamp" right alongside Pepper's! :)