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Thursday, May 17, 2012


Nothing of my own to report today... My EMT recertification final is tonight and I haven't done much this week besides the remaining classes or review for the test. I'm whooped altho I haven't over-done it and I'm not sure why. Probably just too many weeks with too many projects/deadlines and I won't get a decent break until June.

Instead, I'll share the peonies from Genesee Country Museum last weekend. I now have 3 peony plants of my own and will be re/planting them in a brand new, much sunnier, flower bed this weekend. I hope someday they will look like this!

I know they are pink (my least fav color in the entire universe) but they are peonies and I make exceptions for peonies.


Denise :) said...

I'm SO sad! Our peonies have bloomed faithfully every Mother's Day for the past three years ... until this year. The plants are there, green and tall, but not a single blossom. Boo! I'll just have to enjoy yours! :)

Michelle said...

They are beautiful,Sarah....
I love pink.

Anonymous said...

We used to have beautiful peonies when we lived in the country, but I've never started them in our present garden. I love them.

Janet O. said...

Pink is not my favorite color, but I make exception for most any flower. Yesterday I was in Moscow, Idaho walking around the University of Idaho Arboretum and there were gorgeous stands of lilacs with the most beautiful, delicate pink lilac I've ever seen. I have 13 lilac bushes in my yard, but nothing like this. I would plant several of them if I could get my hands on them, pink notwithstanding! : )