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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yet another hexie update...

When I get up in the morning I read, but can't answer, my email on my "stupid" phone. This morning I was thrilled to get an email from Connie saying I was the featured blogger for this week's Linky Party. WOOHOO!!

At first I panicked - I didn't have anything new and exciting to show today when people will link over expecting "something." Then I realized I got FB because so many people hopped over to look at my hexie project and since I was already planning an update today they may be just as excited to see my progress. I know a certain few followers who will always appreciate that I am progressing on my hexies  :)

It's probably hard to tell from the photo but it was previously in several big sections on the design wall - those have now been attached to what Bonnie calls the "mothership." I hope she doesn't mind that I stole her terminology! I have now begun working on the section on the top right, adding sashing and...drumroll...the first of 2 outside borders!!! Ok, it's the same black batik as the sashing but it's exciting because I can finally see the size of this project with the border and corners/half diamonds in place. For the record, it's going to be 55" x 65" and I don't have a final hexie count yet but Connie's estimation of a gazillion feels about right!

This weekend I went to Breakfast Club at one of the not-so-LQS' and was able to get a lot of the previous mentioned work done. I also came across a sample block where I just loved the color combo. I picked up these four FQs that I will also pair with a neutral to paper piece this awesome star blossom kit from paperpieces.com. One star is about 13" so it's a little too big for my mini quilt stand. In other words I have no idea what this will become, but I couldn't resist the kit or those great fabrics for a fussy cutting project. Oh and check out those selvages with the flowers!

And just so you know how "bad" I have this hexie sickness...I spread out some of my different EPP papers for you to see. Some I have plans for and some I just had no will power to resist. Starting with the pink tagged 1" tumblers and moving clockwise, I also have 2" coffins, 3/4" half hexies, 1" pentagons, a chrysanthemum kit, 2" hexies in the purple package to cut up for my rose star project, 3/4" 6 pointStar diamonds, and 3/4" jewels. I also have a few other "kits" but ran out of time for photos. And now y'all know just how addicted I am :)


Janet O. said...

Congrats on being featured, Sarah.
I am always thrilled to see the progress on your gorgeous hexie project. And I admit I had to LOL at all of the EPP shapes you are accumulating. Someone get help--this woman is sick!! : )

Michelle said...

Congratulations !!
Oh, Sarah we must be kindred spirits....
I have a tin full of so many different paper shapes its not funny.
Your hexie's are looking good.

Denise :) said...

Yay, Sarah!!!! I love, LOVE this hexie piece. It just makes me smile inside and out, every time I see it. It's crazy, but you've done such a magnificent job with it!!! I love your hexie obsession!!! :)

Kat said...

I just started doing hexies (with no end goal in mind) but I am quickly catching the fever. I love how you have made diamonds and then the 3-D boxes with yours, such a different look than the traditional flowers. The black is very striking, I love it!

ANudge said...

I love watching this grow! It might get me started doing one - just kidding - too many irons in the fire already!

Way to go, Sarah - and that fabric is lovely!