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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hexie updates

I've started quilting the hexie quilt!

 Can you see the diamonds in the black sashing? I've done the 6 spokes out from the center of the quilt. I have a decent amount of sashing left to go but it is really quick with a good audio book and some raspberry iced tea.

After the sashing is done I'll see how much more quilting I want to add since the quilt is already pretty heavy and I don't want it too stiff.

This is a hexie project that I started way back to replicate the bathroom floor at my office. I felt obligated to use much bolder colors. LOL.

And yes...I will be doing the borders...not in EPP but Seminole Piecing.

In preparation for taking some hexies camping I also threw this project into EQ7. (Why oh why can't EQ make designing hexies a little easier???) I used light colors to denote the pattern and as I stitch the pieces I'll change to the darker colors shown. I'm great at over packing "activities" so this is one of only 3 hexie projects I'll be taking with me. I would hate to run out of projects to work on while I relax in front of the campfire or hide from the rain.  :)

And here is the latest shot of the little project I started last week. Did I tell you that from top to bottom it will be just 14"? I hope to make two of these, one for each side table in my living room. I didn't uber-like them when I first won them at an auction and had planned to replace them one day. But fate stepped in cuz they are HEXIE shaped!!!


Me and My Stitches said...

LOVE your quilting! What a great idea - the diamond shape is great! Also like your other projects - very cool. When do you leave for your trip?

Me and My Stitches said...
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Janet O. said...

The diamond quilting design is brilliant (no pun intended!!). I really like that.
What a cool quilt the bathroom floor will make. Are you going to hang it in the restroom when it is finished? : )
So you will have hexie shaped place mats? Is that what you are saying? I'm not worried, or anything--just wondering what is next.

Denise :) said...

Funny where inspiration comes from, isn't it?! I am glad you're rising above the bathroom floor colors, though!! Your picks are far prettier!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Wow !I love the quilting on the hexies.
What a place to find inspiration....it does look very nice though.....the floor and your project.