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Thursday, July 05, 2012

My Parents went to ... continued

Remember back on June 26th when I shared the great gifts that my parents brought me back from Australia? Well...it turns out there was more!

It's hard to tell from the photo but the aboriginal design t-shirt is a chocolate brown color that should look good with my pale Irish/Yankee skin. There is also a boomerang magnet and some great coins. Mom and Dad met some Kiwi's (from New Zealand) in Hawaii and they offered 3 NZ coins and wouldn't even let Mom repay them for the dollar coin. They had also asked Jan, whom they were staying with in Sydney, if she had any Aussie coins and they let her take all the foreign coins she had from at least five different countries. Some of the coins are old and some aren't even being used any more. Mom also picked up some Aussie pennies which are the size of US half dollars but she wanted to hold them a little longer. Some day I will have to show y'all my massive coin collection. I don't know that anything is worth a lot but the world certainly uses some interesting coins and bills.

I didn't measure this fabric but it is WOF and not FQ shape. Mom has asked for a doll quilt from these fabrics and then I get the leftovers and selvages. I must have trained her right 'cuz she made sure all three had selvages! She might also like some of these ceramic buttons on the quilt but she wasn't sure yet.

left shows the back side

And this is my "big" gift which is a total understatement as they are probably the most expensive piece of jewelry I own (outside of family rings I have inherited). Thank God they are not french wire style earrings or I would worry about losing them constantly. In case you can't read the card, they are boulder opals that are only polished on one side. I have never seen anything like this and you know I am wearing them today!!

To top off these gifts, my brother and his family went to Disney for 10 days and they brought me back some wooden spoons for my obsession collection.

Hmm...maybe I should show those some day as I have old & new, store made & home made.

Can you see Mickey engraved on the spoon bowls and the Mickey cut out on the handle for the hanging string?

Thanks Mom Dad Tom Kristie Tyler & Ryan!!!!!

My family rocks!


Denise :) said...

What fun, fun treasures!! Your mom and dad went on the trip that keeps on giving, didn't they??!! I love the opal earrings -- they're gorgeous!! The opal is my birthstone, so I drool over them whenever a see a unique setting for them!!! :)

quilt32 said...

So many wonderful gifts and then topped off by the wooden spoons. I'd love to see your collection.

Janet O. said...

How many different collections do you have Sarah?
Love the earrings!