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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Grandmothers Choice block #2 - Amethyst - 4" 


Denise :) said...

Beautiful!! And this is 4"? Crazy, crazy. But I do love how the batiks pop in the black setting! :)

Janet O. said...

Seriously, are these only 4"?
Looks good, Sarah!

Judy Dietrich said...

Your block is so sweet!! I received my goodies from you today. Thanks so much for all the fun. The acrylic cut-out is really neat--not sure I would have purchased that for myself--will be interesting to try. They can also be used for fussing cutting with the clear acrylic material. This would be a great size for an I spy type quilt. Oh no, another quilt project in the making!! I will use & enjoy everything. Thanks, Judy

quiltmania said...

Great job on a tiny block. I have downloaded the pattern but not sure I can commit to it just yet. I'm looking forward to watching you blocks each week!

quilt32 said...

To make that block in a 4 inch size is just amazing.