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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Giveaway winners!

Today is the day when I get to announce winners for my giveaways! Yeah!!! I hope y'all like the prizes as much as I do.

I had two sponsors that helped me greatly with these prizes:

Creekside Fabrics and Quilts . 237 Main St, Arcade, NY 14009. 585-492-4226
Sandy donated the 3 cat related fabrics. I asked for a panel and a few fat quarters and she generously sent much more than that. I've saved a small bit to be used in a future hexie linky party giveaway - probably for my birthday in a few months. Last I heard, Sandy still had more of the cat fabrics if you wanted to call and order more. Tell her I sent you...

PaperPieces.com 1-800-337-1537
JoAnne was very generous when I wrote and asked if they would donate to my giveaway. I was expecting a few items but she offered books and asked what else I would like. I may not be their biggest customer (I get all my EPP supplies from them (or my local store who buys from them), which makes them my fav online store!) but they were happy to spread this obsession I call hexies! I do hope you'll check out their website for free patterns and lots of supplies. It's very user friendly and you can order online or give them a jingle on their toll free number. My latest fav item are the acrylic templates. I never thought I would use them until I got into fussy cutting fabric...and now I can't seem to live without them. Again, let them know I sent you if you buy something.

Ok, onto the prizes!!!

The first giveaway was for Feline Friday - 8/17/12. We had 10 entries and I asked random.org to pick a number.

Oh, you are never gonna guess who that is! Denise??!!! Are you there??!!

Denise you win this adorable cat panel. I have one myself that I can't decide what to do with - so I'm waiting very patiently to see what you do.


The next giveaways were for my 500th post which turned out to be the first monthly hexie linky party. There are 2 that contain the same items. One prize is for hexie linky party name suggestions and the other will be picked by random.org.

These packages include the Hex-A-Holic Handbook, 3/4" and 2" hexie papers as well as a 2" hexie acrylic template. I think the cat fabric would be adorable fussy cut for 2" hexies. I also threw in some hexie fabric, chocolate and a spool of my favorite hexie thread: Bottom Line. The tea bags are from a local source. Paws from the unwilling model are NOT included. I will however throw in an additional FQ of the winners fav color.

It was hard choosing a winner for helping with the hexie name but Mr. Random helped me out in the end. The funniest suggestion came from Judy and I just couldn't resist laughing. PMS Hexies was just hilarious to me - it's short for Pepper Midgie and Squeaky, my kids! I may figure out a way to use that for something else.

The last winner was picked by Mr Random and it just happens that I had decided to use Ruth's idea for a name. Ruth suggested that we call the party HELP, which stands for HExie Linky Party. I'm going with HELP for Hexieaholics. Do you like it or am I totally off my rocker?

Anyway...if Judy and Ruth get back to me (I'll send you emails later today, work is crazy) I'll get your packages out to you. Congrats to all and I'm looking forward to your hexie updates on Monday, 9/17/12.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for hosting.

Denise :) said...

Well HOT DOG! Love that fun cat panel!! I'll have fun with that!! And I think HELP for Hexieaholics is a *terrific* name!!! :)

Me and My Stitches said...

Congrats to the winners! I like the HELP idea - a winner for sure! And PMS - very cute (the name, not actually HAVING PMS) !

Missy Shay said...

I love the cat panels, I can't wait to see what you and Denise do with them!

Janet O. said...

Denise is on a roll lately!
What fun, Sarah. I've got some kitty fabric my cat loving Mom gave me. I will keep some, but it is more than I can use, so I will probably have a giveaway for that in the near future.

Judy Dietrich said...
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Judy Dietrich said...

Should have used the preview button. I like the name you chose for the hexie group-HELP--which we probably need!! I couldn't resist the initials of your kitties, however--too much fun. Thanks for all the gifts--they will be used!! Going to look at the first sponser's cat fabrics--and the ladies of paper pieces know me by my first name--I think I keep them in business some weeks.

Michelle said...

Congratulations to the winners....
Yes we all need a lot of HELP...but as I tell people, there are a lot worse things we could be doing...lol.

Ruth said...

Yippie Hexie! I won! I've been MIA for a bit since my dear MIL passed away. Between her death and my mom's (back in May), the Hubz & I feel like we're in stress city. I really really need my hexies to calm down.

Thanks so much.