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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Grandmothers Choice #1

Have you all seen the new Grandmother's Choice blog? Barbara Brackman is doing another block of the week that will share the history of US women seeking the right to vote. Blocks will be posted each Saturday and there will be 49 blocks total.

I've decided to do mine in batiks, given the recent stash enhancement! The black I am using is also a batik - it has a little blue in it but it's so small I don't think it will show up much. The blog shows 3 different color ways for each block and I'll be doing mine as if it's a 2 color quilt but each block will have a different batik.

The first block was posted on Saturday, 9/1/12 and I completed mine almost on schedule :)

There were 2 problems with making my block, however.

I decided to do the 4" block size. Have y'all tried cutting pieces that are 1 3/16"? I would appreciate suggestions for a good acrylic ruler that has 16ths on it. For now we'll ignore that my block isn't perfect - and we can because it will all be hidden in the seam allowance.

My iron was banished to the front sidewalk. As you may recall from this post back in April, the iron wasn't yet 6 months old and leaking. This weekend it was making some extra noises and then I smelled something awful. Burning plastic! The thing was smoking up a storm and smelled horrid for hours. I unplugged the cord immediately and fought to get it unwound from my table so that I could deposit it outside. Harumph. My GC block and several others were finished with a "wooden iron" but it's just not the same. Mom and Dad think I should take the iron back to Walmart and demand a refund...


Janet O. said...

Oh, am I the only person in blogland NOT doing the new BOW from Barbara Brackman? Temptation lurks in every new post I see. : )
I love that you are doing it in batiks. That should look luscious!
Bad, bad iron. If you do bring it back inside, make it sit in the corner facing the wall. : )

Me and My Stitches said...

I really want to do that BOW - but I have to resist the temptation! I can't keep up with what I have now! Your blocks are going to be really pretty. I think you should take your iron back too. Hope you didn't pay much for it! I think mine is slowly dying - it's starting to leak and hisses at me now and then (could be a cat and not the iron?).

Emily Breclaw said...

Gorgeous block! The black and brights really set each other off well!

Denise :) said...

Sarah, I *love* this in the batiks!! And the black really makes it pop!!! But I sure can't imagine doing it in 4" blocks!!!

I'm surprised I didn't see a foot in the picture with that iron ... giving it a good KICK!!

Carla said...

Don't you just hate irons that leak? I recently bought a "shark" on sale for $40. Regular price was $80so it better behave. So far so good ; )

Michelle said...

4" blocks.....hey, at least your quilt won't be very big.
It is so hard to find a good iron....I will touch wood because mine are behaving themselves.

quilt32 said...

I'm not doing this quilt - I just don't want to get into a year-long project at this time, but I'll be following your progress.

I found a ruler with 1/16 inch markings - it's 18 x 2 inches. I haven't had occasion to use it very much yet. I found it in the sewing/seamstress department of JoAnn's rather than in the quilting department.

AnnieO said...

Pretty blocks!

I think I just bought that very same iron because my other one burnt up several months ago (after about 5-6 years of use) and I've been limping along with a cheapo iron from the drugstore. On the advice of Ricky Tims at his class, the one thing I never do is add water to any iron--he says all irons become incontinent no matter how much they cost! A spray bottle with water is my "steam".

wella said...

Bad bad iron

Lauren Sgranfetto said...

Irons drive me crazy! Cheap or expensive , I've always had problems. It could be because they end up dropping on the floor at some point because I trip or bump them? Hmmmmm…

Contrary to populat belif I have not dropped off the face of the planet. Just crazy go nuts busy. hoping to get back to blogging sometime soon.
Hope all is well with you! =^..^=