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Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Small Quilt Challenge

Have you been following along with Kathleen's Small Quilt Challenge over at A Sentimental Quilter? Kathleen has written several books featuring doll quilts and every month this year she has picked a pattern for us to make. She even set a schedule of spending one week each on picking fabric, piecing blocks, adding borders and finishing the quilt. Easy Peasy in theory, unless you have a crazy schedule like someone I know and that meant I spent more time dreaming than stitching. Until this month!!!

This month's project is a freebie posted on her website so of course I printed it out to add to the wish list. Last night I was trying to pick up the studio and was going to move the pattern to the pattern pile when I walked past several coordinated half yards that I had gotten in Houston last year. I just knew I could use those fabrics to make this darling quilt. Last night I cut out all the pieces except for the outer border and this morning I sewed the center block together. That pretty much puts me on schedule since I can put borders on next week.

These fabrics (Catkin) are adorable and I'm thrilled I finally found the right project! I hope you can pick out the stretching cats in the center yellow blocks.


Denise :) said...

OH! Thanks for sharing this pattern -- this is perfect for the swap quilt I want to do this month! Love your fabric choices ... and I love your "pilates" cats, too!!! Great coloring! :)

Janet O. said...

Didn't see the cats until you mentioned them--very fun! I love the fussy cutting you did. I have seen Kathleen's posts--and I have a book or two of hers--but I'm in a "no more SAL" mode until the ones I am currently committed to are finished. So far I have stuck to it--and one of them just finished, so I agreed to do Lori's SAL she said she would be starting sometime this fall. The other two go until the end of the year, so I can't add another for a while. We'll see how my resolve holds up! : )

Denise :) said...

Oh yeah -- and I saw that next month's project is going to be ... HEXIES!! :)

Judy Dietrich said...

What a gorgeous group of fabrics!! I think they were made for this type of block!! You don't see the kitties right away--too much fun.

Michelle said...

It took a while but I found the cats!!

quilt32 said...

I've been following the posts, but am not making the quilts. I love your fabric and got a close-up so I could see the cats.