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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Wednesday Weather Report #212 - 6/9/21

It's been hot and muggy this week but there have been been some lovely sunrises and sunsets as I struggle to find cooler weather for my virtual challenge walks. 

Sunrise Friday, 6/4/21
The sun was rising and the fog was lifting

Sunset Sunday, 6/6/21
Life is better with sunsets and cell towers

My county is very hilly - before the cell tower was built in my village just a couple years ago I could only get decent internet on my cell phone in certain areas of my house and couldn't move while talking on the phone or it would cut out. The service is much better now but I also spend a lot more time on the internet. I'm not always sure it was a better trade off...

June 2 - 8, 2021
74 - 70 - 76 - 90 - 85 - 84 - 79F

That Saturday it was 90? I was at the NYS Yoga Festival. You know, exercising in the sun for 5 hours. The Sunday it was 85, I mowed the lawn at 9am and still was about to pass out from the heat and humidity. MY face was beet red! Tomorrow's high will only be 79. That's better, right?!

PS - The hexies are posed on the Sea Serpent (Village mascot) bike rack. The actual Sea Serpent was used as a marketing hoax at Silver Lake in the next town. It worked as lots of people came to search the lake for it a hundred years ago until the local hotel burned and they found the "serpent" in the attic next to the bellows that filled it with air so that it would rise from the water. 


Janet O. said...

Oh, those sneaky sea serpent hoaxsters! (That's a word, right?)
I prefer my sunsets without cell towers, but if it is a difference between cell service and no cell service, I'd take the towers.
It has been beastly hot here--record temps for this time of year--but at least we don't have your humidity! Big cool down tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it!

Leonore Winterer said...

Wow, that's hot! I love the story about the sea snake though.