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Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 7/18/11

Did you think I dropped out of DWM?  Nah, just holidays and a sick day keeping me away from the computer.

The fireman quilt is getting a little large and heavy for my actual design wall and I didn't feel like crawling on the floor this weekend so I commandeered the dining room table to finish the arrowhead blocks. The picture shows what I woke up to this morning! Did I brush against the blocks/table in the dark after the late night rescue call or did some naughty pussy cat decide to rearrange? We will never know...but I DO have my suspicions...

The table isn't quite big enough to lay out all the blocks but since I am repeating red/blue/neutrals for this last section I really need to make sure they aren't next to each other as well as value-balanced.

Does everyone know how to make these arrowhead blocks? The directions were in a magazine some months ago but I can do a tutorial if anyone is interested. It's pretty easy in my estimation - as in it packs a big punch for the amount of work involved.

This Friday's road trip plans got cancelled but that does give me another full day to sew which is a really good thing - only 25 more days until the Wyoming County Fair that I am trying to finish this for. I had planned on looking for backing material on my road trip but now it looks like I'll be looking locally. It's a little dissappointing because I was headed to a (cheap) Mennonite store but things will work out...Wish me luck and happy sewing!


marcella said...

Your arrowhead blocks look really great! That block from Quiltmaker is so very clever.

Maybe a certain kitty likes trying to balance colors too.

Best of luck finding the perfect backing and getting it done for the fair.

Miri said...

Love these blocks! Can't wait to see the quilt!

Happy Quilter said...

Great quilt. I've made that pattern and so enjoy it; it looks so hard, but it's a breeze and look at the great quilt you have. Send the finished version.

Janet O. said...

Everyone else seems familiar with it, but I wouldn't mind a tutorial--I just don't want you to do it just for me.
I really like the blocks--good luck finding a backimg!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah I also would much appreciate a tutorial on the quilt block. What is the quilt block of the month you mentioned Sat. will sign as still will not take my info for google Cheryl

Denise :) said...

I love the arrowhead block! I did a half dozen or so in Christmas fabrics when the magazine came out last year. They were a lot of fun to play with. The random blocks are in one of my drawers--I saw them the other day and thought I needed to do another half dozen and make a lap quilt or something with them. I'm sorry your road trip got cancelled, but I hope you find the perfect fabric nonetheless! :)