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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Are you working on Bonnie's Florabunda?

I liked the idea of using yellow but I don't have florals like Bonnie was using. I also don't have a lot of yellow so I was debating about using the different golds that I have for another project when I looked 6 inches to my left and saw the "bolt" of Aussie fabric (which is really more orange in person).

I have bolt in quotes because I bought the end of the bolt, several yards, and asked for the cardboard bolt to wrap the fabric on. I promptly washed the fabric but it was sewwwwwwwww long it wasn't going to be easy to iron so I half-a$$ folded and then rolled it on to the bolt. I am actually thinking of running it thru the washer again and my neighbor will let me put it on her clothesline to dry. It's gotta be easier than trying to iron press yards and yards of this to get the 4 year old wrinkles out.

Back to the quilt ... I decided to use various black on black fabrics along with the Aussie fabric for each block. I have made two blocks so far and I've cut up several black fabrics to have on hand for leader/enders, etc. I really need to finish some other projects but it was fun to start something new :)

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