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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Indecision help needed

Hey! You! Yessssss...you!

Cali, aka Squeaky, here and Mama needs your help - she can be pretty indecisive sometimes. She keeps covering pieces of paper with bigger pieces of fabric and putting them together. Then she puts them on that fuzzy stuff on the wall, then she just stands there and stares at them and then she rearranges them. Boring!

Any way...she just finished those pieces of red with the very pretty little blue BIRDS and now she needs to decide what color to use for the the middle point of the black pieces. See how she has all the diamond centers the same green? Cool, huh?  Sew...we could go with black, green or ???

My wussy brother, skinny sister and I think this is going to take her a verrrrrryyyyyy long time but if we get to sit and watch movies while she plays with her toys, it's ok with us! Thanks for your input!

Whoops...mama saw my post and asked me to make a couple clarifications. White is not a color choice for the "center" of the blacks and there is a riot of color used for the diamonds, only some of which are shown above. I have absolutely no idea what she means by riot.


Janet O. said...

See if she would be willing to try a muted gold. It would really look striking amid the black.

Sarah said...

Thanks Janet -
Green, purple and yellow are her favorite colors so I think gold is a nice choice.
AND it matches my golden calico fur which makes it an excellent choice!

Have a fur-filled day, SqueakyCat

(sorry not to email you back but momma's email isn't cooperating today)